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Affiliates That Work's goals are to weed out the unproductive affiliate programs, educate the end user about affiliate marketing, and to help website affiliates succeed in the affiliate marketing venture.

Affiliates That Work is dedicated to giving website affiliates a starting point in thier Affiliate Marketing adventure. We also provide useful information to website affiliates who may already be seasoned in the affiliate marketing process.

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We have compiled top ten lists in the following categories, to help website affiliates get a starting point in the Affiliate Marketing venture: Affiliates, Affiliate Networks, Affiliate Books, Affiliate Educational Courses, SEO Tools, and reasons that make Afffiliate Marketing enticing.

Top 10 reasons affiliate marketing is enticing?

1. No need to spend money and time developing your own product.  There are marketable products ready and available; all you have to do is choose the products that best fit your needs.
2. No need to spend large amounts of money to invest in inventory and space to hold the inventory.  Almost all (if not all) affiliate products are drop shipped.
3. No need for a merchant account (credit card processing account).  You do not have to process affiliate orders.  Simply refer affiliates to merchants, and if a sale is made, you get paid.
4. No need to spend a ton of money on start up costs.  Most affiliate programs are free to sign up with.  (Beware of the affiliate programs that charge a start up fee)
5. No need to worry about being uneducated about affiliate marketing.  There are many websites, such as this one that offers good information on affiliate marketing programs.  There are also many low cost educational products that help you get started on the fast track.
  (Affiliate Education)
6. You will not have to answer customer service e-mails or telephone calls.  (Customer service and support issues are time consuming and can eat up precious time)
7. You do not have to ship items or receive returns.  The affiliate merchants do all of the shipping and handling.
8. An affiliate marketing business can be started on a part time basis.
9. You do not have to know everything about the product that is being marketed. Many products can be marketed with having to be an expert in each product.
10. There are thousands of products available to market. If one product is not working, move tot he next product.

The process of affiliate marketing is simple, however becoming successful in affiliate marketing is a little more complicated.  It is like any other business; you typically get out of it what you put into it.  This means that just because you release a website does not mean the money will start flowing in. You must work hard at educating yourself, finding your niche markets, creating professional websites, and optimizing your websites through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  If you can do that, I believe your hard work will be paid off.  Keep in mind, not everyone will become a super affiliate (top 2-3% that earns $150,000 plus a year) but if you work hard and could produce 5 websites generating $500 a month, would that help change your life?

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