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  Top 10 Affiliate Programs  
Below is a list of the Top 10 Affiliate programs based upon the reviews of our editors. The Top 10 Affiliate Programs list is based upon firsthand experience. The networks are ranked by Ease of use and how much profit we have made using these programs.  
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1. Amazon Logo **Amazon made the top of the list in both the Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Programs. Whereas Amazon is an affiliate, they are big enough with enough products to be considered an affiliate network also.

Amazon offers an excellent Affiliate (Associate) program.  Amazon allows the affiliate to market everything from big screen TV’s to books.  This makes Amazon’s affiliate program compatible with almost every website and every topic.

Amazon’s commission rates are somewhat lower than other networks; however the ease of making a sale through Amazon is much easier because of their large product selection and ease of website integration.

Amazon allows its affiliates to market through rotating banner ads, links, and they have a good selection of widgets. Two of the most popular widgets allow the user to show movie previews and play mp3 clips, making it easy to sell movies and music. An example of Amazon’s advertising widgets are below:

2. tunes iTunes Affiliate Program
  Affiliate Network: LinkShare

As an iTunes Affiliate, you can access Apple-designed marketing materials for use in your website, email, and online promotions. Link to music, TV shows, movies, audiobooks — even applications in the App Store — and earn a 5 percent commission on all qualifying revenue.

Itunes has many good banners and links. They also allow affiliates to choose specific products to advertise. Examples of ITunes advertisements are below:

  Apple iTunes
  Create a Web Site Where Content Does Your Marketing
3. FSPro affiliate
  Affiliate Network: PepperJam

Anyone Can Sign Up for Financial Statement Pro:
If you have a website you can sign up for our affiliate program. No other affiliate program can provide the commission, tracking, and reporting tools than the Financial Statement Pro affiliate program through the PepperJam network. Sign up today and start earning commissions.

Financial Statement Pro is a smaller company, but in our experience, their product is extremely easy to market on Financial or Money based websites.  The click through rate and conversion rate on this product is very high for us.  We sell more per click of this product than any other product we market.


4. hotwire affiliate program
  Affiliate Network: LinkShare

HotWire pays great commissions and is an easy sell to customers looking to travel.

5. magazines affilaite program
  Affiliate Network: Linkshare  
  When you become a MAGAZINES.com Sales Affiliate, you'll join one of the easiest and highest paying affiliate programs on the web. If you have a Web site (or even an e-mail account) you can sign up and start generating sales commissions almost immediately. Sell over 2,000 of the most popular magazine subscription titles at the lowest publisher-authorized prices online. Earn a 35% commission for subscriptions which are purchased from your web site or e-mail affiliate links to MAGAZINES.com.
6. quicken affiliate program
  Quicken Loans
  Affiliate Network: Commission Junction  
  Quicken Loans is America's #1 online mortgage lender. Quicken Loans Affiliate program offers over many different loan programs with a fast, simple process. Affiliates can earn money while helping Quicken become a success!

Visitors to the affiliate's Web site will have the opportunity to get home financing at low rates, while receiving personalized attention.
7. HSBC affiliate program
  Affiliate Network: Commission Junction  

HSBC's Affiliate Program has moved up the list recently because of the ease in marketing online savings accounts.  People are looking for a safe place to put their money that will earn interest.  Many people are opening savings counts now more than ever, so this affiliate program has become an easy sell.

8. travelocity affiliate
  Affiliate Network: Commission Junction

Travelocity's Affiliate program is perfect for any affiliate who has a website dedicated to travel.

9. gotomypc_affiliate
  Affiliate Network: Commission Junction  

GoToMyPC's Affiliate Program is perfect for those who want to promote individual and small-business solutions directly to their customers or to their online audience. Affiliates can earn fast commissions.

Join now to promote GoToMyPC, GoToMyPC Pro, GoToWebinar™ and/or GoToMeeting®, and you'll receive our generous commission, access to top-performing ads, a tracking link with your partner ID, monthly payment processing and online reporting.

10. netflix_affiliate
  Affiliate Network: Linkshare
NetFlix Affiliate Marketing is simple! As an affiliate, just reccomend customers to Netflix through banner ads or text links on your website so they can start their subscription. we take care of all the fulfillment details. Join NetFlix Affiliate program and earn!
  • NetFlix Affiliate provides you with easy-to-use tools to set up, manage and monitor your links.
  • Payment is recieved on a regular monthly schedule.
  • NetFlix Affiliates earn $16.00 per subscriber for each new customer even if they only sign up for a free trial.

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