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  About Affiliates That Work  

Affiliates That Work is dedicated to meet all Affiliate related needs. Affiliates That Work's goals are to weed out the unproductive affiliate programs, educate the end user about affiliate marketing, and to help the end user succeed in the affiliate marketing venture.

Affiliates That Work has implemented a top 10 list of Affiliate marketing programs based upon the affiliate program’s integrity, longevity, and our success in using the program.  Every now and again a program will be added or dropped from the list, based upon popularity. Unlike a lot of Affiliate marketing education websites, Affiliates That Work does not recommend affiliate programs based upon the fact that we will make money by adding 2nd tier marketers by signing you up under us.  If you review our recommended affiliate programs, you will notice that there will not be more than one or two 2nd tier programs. We only list programs that are legitimate will be around for many years to come, and that have the best chance for the end-user to implement successfully. 

The Affiliates That Works editors use and implement every program that we have recommended.  We have also tried many other affiliate programs, and they did not make the list, because they did not work for us well.  Our goal is to weed out the unsuccessful affiliate programs for the end user, so the end user does not make the mistake of putting their effort into unsuccessful illegitimate affiliate programs.  Thus our motto was formed “We sort through the trash, so you can make the cash.”

Our goal at Affiliates That Work is to create a network of users that can help us recommend affiliate marketing programs, write affiliate articles, and help other affiliate marketers become more successful in their ventures.  Since we are an educational website, we use advertisements to help supplement the costs of hosting and updating the website.  I wish this could be avoided, however at this point in time, it cannot.

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